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University Assessments

Secure Semester Exams for a State University

A state univeristy looking for a secure, fast, high-stakes testing platform that was device and OS agnostic, while allowing seamless continuation of the extant evaluation structure, marking scheme, and flexibility.

Key Requirements

  • Inbuilt Annotation Tools
  • Video Proctoring
  • CGPA Calculation
  • SGPA Calculation
  • Attendance Marking
  • PDF Download
  • Auto Evaluation
  • Identity Masking
Image Description

Primary Challenges

Accessible via all platforms
No app downloads
Remote Test Control
Multiple Question Formats
Single-click Test Deployment
Identity Masked Evaluation
Assigned Examiners

Secondary Challenges

Ease of use
Quick deployment
Fast load times
Auto Evaluation
Test Report Downloads
Test Progress Capture

The Solution

The modularity of the PiofX platform allowed us to include only those features requested by the university. This has the dual benefit of keeping the platform fat-free and fast, while allowing dramatical cut-down staff training time.


ID Masking

The inbuilt PDF Download tool allows for automated ID-masking allowing the university to assign ID-free response sheets to examiners allowing for bias-free marking.


Word document upload

Word File Templates made is easy for the exam team to upload questions with minimum-to-zero learning time.


Cloud super fast

The deployment on serverless compute services with work-aware cluster scaling allowed for blazing quick test load times allowing even those on slow-speed internet connections also seamlessly take the test.


Remote Proctoring

The remote proctoring and test control tool allowed the invigilators and proctors to drop in and out of the proctoring mode at the click of a button


AI Cheat Detection

The easy-to-read dashboards allowed proctors easy data sorting and quick identification of potential cheating


Various Question Formats

Customisable marking schemes and question types allowed each department to deploy tests in the format of their choice, while eliminating instances of over/undermarking.

The Result

50% reduction in costs in comparison with traditional pen-and-paper tests.
60% lower test-deployment time.
43% reduction in long-term human resource consumption.
92% fewer instances of cheating, thanks to randomised video and audio capture questions.
38% faster results turnaround.
100% increase in overall exam-deployment efficiency.