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Sudhiksha - NEET Exams


Automated NEET Exam

Recreate the NEET test experience for students of one of the most sought after institutes. A secure, hands-free self scheduling test that is secure and easy to administer.

Key Requirements

  • Self-Scheduling
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Themed Landing Pages
  • Auto Evaluation
  • Leader Board
  • Custom Test Report
  • Proctor Validated Entry
  • ID Recognition
  • Camera Enabled
  • Custom User Profiles
Image Description

Primary Challenges

Never seen before question types
New to the world evaluation pattern
World's First Digital-first Exam
Custom Screens for Individual Questions
Customised Progress Pattern
Customised Landing Page for the Product
Payment Gateway Integration
No Download Requirement

Secondary Challenges

Easy Question Input
Automated Grading for New-to-the world question types
Pop-up Modals
Instagram Worthy Pages
Customied Test Report Forms
Test Progress Capture

The Solution

The sheer flexibility and customisability allowed First Academy to launch the World's first and yet, the only mobile ready Duolingo Englist Test prep in record time!


Customised Colour Scheme and Layout

The test features a question set in discrete pages. PiofX allowed First Academy to match the colour scheme and layout to closely replicate the actual test.


Staggered Evaluation Solution

PiofX Engineered a combination evaluation pattern where the exam grading is a combination of AI tools and human intervention.


Shareable Test Pagemarketing boost

The short test page links in the admin dashboard makes it easy for the institute to share links over social media and messaging platforms.


Customised Coupon Codes

The full-featured admin interface allows creation of customised coupon codes that are fully programmable.


Voice Recording

Questions where candidates can record their voice at the click of a button. This is a world-first in independent online assessments platforms!


Customised Test Report Form

Just like the test screens, the report forms are also customised to closely parallel the actual test reports.

The Outcome

400% increase in SEO traffic.
Increased enrollments via payment gateway.
Worldwide recognition for setting new standards
Expansion into international markets.
Hugely reduced material Costs.
Quick engangement with shareable test codes.